At Chestnut Hill College, a Spring semester English class is blogging about their experiences with all things related to food. 

Golden Rice Controversy

Golden Rice is a genetically modified form of rice that packs a lot more vitamin A per serving. Because of this rice, many cases of irreversible blindness and even death due to Vitamin A Deficiency are being prevented. The rice could make a particularly huge difference in developing nations or other countries where many struggle to get their necessary nutrition. So why isn't everyone on board the Golden Rice train?


Sexuality on Poverty

When a state does not recognize your moms' marriage, things like health insurance, workers compensation and emergency room visits are entirely a ridiculous process. In the state of Florida, when I was growing up it was perfectly appropriate for an employer to fire you for being gay. Both my moms went through multiple jobs over their 10 years of marriage. (They got married in 2004 in Massachusetts) My mom was still trying to finish school, and health insurance became a luxury resource.

South Africa- Not a third world country!

   Throughout most of my research project, I have came across the same problem constantly. Whenever I typed into Ebsco-host (a search engine deigned for students' research) "Food Insecurity in Africa",  many times South Africa popped up. This has become a problem because more people who are food insecure happen to live in developing countries. For those who don't know, South Africa is a well developed country that has been settled by the English and Dutch for hundreds of years.